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October 1, 2011
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Canon PowerShot G12
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1/6 second
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6 mm
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Oct 19, 2012, 7:51:06 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Macintosh)
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MOAs Custom Airsoft Rifle + by MasterOkiAkai MOAs Custom Airsoft Rifle + by MasterOkiAkai
I had a friend working on a custom airsoft rifle. i got it in yesterday and it apparently was working great but something went wrong before I got my hands on it. So I'm uploading this to show it off a bit and see if folks I know can help me with the problem. It'll almost certainly involve gutting the thing, so drool now!

The space between the grenade launcher and the receiver is not so apparent when I have the sling on, I took that and the stock pouch off so you'd just see the rifle in its "default setting".
I'll do it proper justice with better photos later.

This was also my opportunity to experiment with the "Stash" feature, didn't work the way I thought but I get it now.


After a long down time and a conversion to the Fusion Engine this baby is now up and running. I built a barrel conversion that takes it from CQB to M4 length.

See more here along with my custom P90
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nice grenade launcher attatchment  
I want one of those :D
Sweet i appreciate it man :P what are you running gearbox wise? I was thinkin of going polarstar myself but i settled for a prowin shell and vfc internals.
MasterOkiAkai May 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
i'm running a polar star with a max red nozzle. I have found it to be exactly what i want as it allows me total control over the performance of the internasl, easy maintenance and supremely simple adjustment. The drawback being tethered to an air tank, but that only becomes an issue when i have to carry it for chronoing and adjustments.
I started with a custom built systema gearbox with a lot of top flight parts in it but it still did not perform the way i wanted. In fact it performed far below what i wanted. But it did end up training me on AEG mechanics.
If you could do a complete parts list that'd be awesome. I got the jp reciever, 7.25 noveske ris, and the ubr stock already but need everything else.
MasterOkiAkai May 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Well i can't help ya with the budget part but i can give you a parts list.

Noveske 7.5 outer barrel
Noveske KX3 amplifier (i have since swapped that out for a Supressor)
Madbull Inner Barrel with Ultimate 3n1 Hop-up
Madbull thread adaptor (for minor spacing, gets the supressors off the edge of the RIS)
Madbull RAS fix ver 1 (ver2 is smaller and cheaper and may be a better choice for you, but i wanted the platform real estate to raise my optics)
Magpul ladder rail covers
Magpul mags with a couple of pulls to experiment with
Magpul MS2 sling (this may be the best part of the whole thing, it is SO comfy for me)
magpul side rail RSA sling mount (i went with the loop instead of a QD swivel to make it more stable, though it can take some fenagling depending on whether you are left or right handed)
King Arms CQB grenade Launcher
Magpul MBUS flip Sights (replaced the oversized rhino ones)

The light is just something i picked up, and it's mounted in a scope ring. If you need a lamp, get something better.
The laser sight is built on the side of my red dot scope
I have both of the Magpul angled fore grips but i have since moved those to other guns instead
I moved the amplifier to my P90 and now use it with a Venom Supressor and a longer barrel (M4 length)
I also got the expanded butt pad for the UBR stock
If you coul post a complete parts list for the externals of this gun i wanna build on and throw my prowin gearbox in it. I've got a $1000 budget
MasterOkiAkai May 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh i forgot the element G27 Grip.
Not going to recommend that one as there has been more grips in similar styles and better quality out since then.
But it works for me and it has been damn sturdy.
bizkilter Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm not too worried about cost. Especially when it's for somthing that bloody slick ") Thanks for the info!
bizkilter Mar 23, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Unfortunately I can't find that receiver set in Canada and can't import one from the US(I can import an entire rifle with that receiver set, just not the empty body). I guess some saving's in order lol. Thanks for sharing that photo, your rifle is badass ") I'll post a pic of my ghetto kit soon ")
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